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For those interested in obtaining a puppy from Glenbrook, please consider the following information.

All our puppies are vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped and are DNA tested for PRA & FN and will not be affected by these heredity diseases. Photos and home visits are available on request and we like prospective owners to visit our home to meet us and our dogs. 

A range of support is offered to new families including diet information, basic grooming and training. A home coming 'puppy pack' is provided to each new family containing a diet and a detailed care manual.  We also provide each family with a sponsor pack from Clipper World containing, shampoo, conditioner and a rinse product, a drying towel and a slicker brush.  Families are provided with  a vaccination register, microchip tags and certificate of verification, and 6 weeks free puppy insurance through Petplan.  As uses of Royal Canin (dry food) for our mature dogs - a sample bag is also provided to each new family. 

We enjoy keeping contact with our new families and we invite them to bring their pup back at 3 and 6 months for a complimentary groom and 'catch-up'.  We will continue to offer grooming support if our puppy families require support in this areas or can assist in 'training' you in grooming techniques.

Please contact us on 03 59713196 or Janette on 0409 434 996 for further information.  Puppies will be available at a cost of $2400.  We recommend interested families to call and discuss their interest with us directly.   






Dear Janette and Ken,

To spare you from more phone calls I am writing this letter.  Firstly to say you are a credit to dog breeders Australia wide.  They way you conducted yourselves throughout the three months covering Remy's earliest days was amazing and heart warming.  Ithink it must have contributed to Remy's adorable nature.She is warm. loving, funny, mostly obedient and so easty to train.  At the moment she can sit, shake hand, stay, come and drop, with varying degrees of success!  She has trouble with the drop command because she goes into a frenzy of shaking hands.  Quite funny to see.  She also knows 'do you want a cuddle'.To say I'm totally overwhelmed by what a lovely dog Remy is would be an understatement.  I have loved my dogs equally, but Remy will always be the hilight of my dog owning life.  I literally wake up each morning with a smile on my face at the thought of spending another day with her.



Janette & Ken,  

Just a quick note to let you know that we made it home with Sgt in one piece. ... He whimpered a couple of times but settle down just as quickly.  He is having a marvellous time in our tiny back yard exploring the long grass and trying to eat snails! One of the cats has seen him and is somewhat put out ... oh well, both cats are going to have to get used to the new intruder.

 Thanks so much for the time you both took to make sure that our first meeting of Sgt was so pleasant. I particularly appreciate the time and effort you took with the ‘show bag’ of goodies. ... I’m off to Kmart first thing in the morning to get a gate and will hit the pet store after that.  We will be following the diet you outlined to the letter as it is simple and easy. Sgt is as cute as a button and he seems to be enjoying himself right at the minute. ... I’m keeping my fingers crossed the night goes well too.

 Hi Ken & Janette,  Just a quick note to say hi and let you know how Stella is going, in down town Yarraville. Toilet training is going well, with only a few accidents and they are mostly at night. We are having varying degrees of success in getting her to wee on the paper we lay down in the spare room her. Thank God for the Age and its wide sheets. She starts puppy school after her injections. Although she is the cleverest dog ever having already mastered stay and go to bed.  Many thanks, Nick

 Hi Janette and Ken

....She is settling in very nicely. She initially howled for the first few nights when she missed her mother and siblings, but seems to have moved on from that one now. Angus adores her and they play together all the time. She can get quite vocal sometimes and now barks - which is cute. Regards Elaine

 Hi Ken and Janette, Jasper.....He loves the water and has been swimming at Seaford we go there in the evenings and off the lead he is so good. He is eating well and loves his cuddles have had so many visitors and sometimes comes into work but then the women get nothing done as they take it in turns playing with him.
Had no problems at all during the night and no accidents for 2 weeks (mornings are a little different after going outside I have him in a bad habit of  a cuddle on the bed so the ritual every morning is outside then a sprint to the bedroom launch on the bed).  Could not have asked for a better companion and is such a well behaved (sometimes) dog.  Regards Brian


Hi Janette & Ken,

Sergeant is doing fine and seems to be about double the size he was a month or go or so.  He’s going for one or two daily walks of about 20 minutes a day and is still really bite-y.  Thanks for the choke collar, it has been perfect for taking him for walks.   He is eating fine, although for a week or two there we thought he might be eating too much as he got very roly-poly.  ... Seems to be ok now since we started him on a daily walk regime.  Very much becoming a valued member of the household! Anyway, .. thought you might like an update.  Kind regards, Simon

Hi Ken and Janette just wanted to let you know Zoe was fantastic lady night she barely cried at all except for a few whimpers when I first popped her and Molly to bed.   I was actually woken by the sound of puppies feet on newspaper at 2.30 and went in to find them having a good old play tails wagging like crazy - after that they slept through till 5:00.  (I smuggled them both into our bed then) and they have been having a great time playing this morning.  I've been watching them carefully just to make sure Zoe's ok, her little tail just goes flatout doesn't it!  Molly seems to realize Zoes only a baby (even though Molly's only 6 months herself and only a tiny bit bigger than Zoe is now) and is being so gentle with her it's lovely to watch. we are totally in love with Zoe she's just such a gorgeous friendly little pup.  Claire


Dear Janette and Ken, Bonnie has just had her 12 week jab and we are looking forward to showing her the world! We all adore her and she is learning fast she sits stays and loves to play fetch! She loves the car and is very much part of the family.  


Hi Ken and Janette,

Thought I'd drop you a quick email to let you know how Betsy is going.

The first night was a bit rough, although she was perfectly happy at home in the lounge room, playing and eating and sleeping and going to the toilet (only one accident inside so far!), once she was crated it was a different story. But last night was heaps better, we put her to bed and she slept for 7 hours until she woke and began to cry. So she is getting better very fast. She had her first visit to the vet this morning who confirmed that she is in PERFECT health and condition. Her health and temperament are a credit not only to you but also to Gatsby and Saffina. As I write this email she is fast asleep on the couch next to me. Once she has grown a little bit we will bring her back for a visit.

Thank you again,

Johanna, James and Jelly Dog




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